Assault Weapon

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An automatic or semiautomatic weapon that holds 30 or more rounds of ammunition and which is generally understood to fire one bullet each time the trigger is pulled. There is no technical military definition of assault weapon other than that referring to a weapon used in a military assault operation. The US Army does define the term assault rifle as a short, compact, selective-fire weapon that fires a cartridge intermediate in power between submachine gun and rifle cartridges
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Stephen Paddock, 64, by any observation a 'normal' white male American with no history of mental health issues, used his large cache of assault rifles to kill 58 people attending an outdoor music concert in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Last October, a retired real estate investor and high-stakes gambler used multiple assault rifles equipped with bump stocks to kill 58 people at a Las Vegas outdoor concert, the deadliest attack by a single gunman in US history.
85 lakh assault rifles to replace the existing inventory of indigenous INSAS rifles which have not proven to be effective in the past.
The country had been producing its own top quality assault rifles since 2009.
Police say anyone who turned in a handgun or assault rifle was given a $200 bank card.
Chivers also makes it clear that the German late war StG-44 Sturmgewehr assault rifle was the inspiration for the Soviet Army's 1947 competition to design a new automatic rifle for its troops.
He also posted video of the test firing of an AR-45 variant of an AR-15 assault rifle assembled largely from printed components on the Google videos.
The proliferation of high-powered assault rifles in societies with weak institutions can have devastating effects.
T]here is one unmistakable truth--the average person has absolutely no need for an assault rifle.
The local press recently focused on Sa'doun al-Sahel, a furniture merchant, who already had an AK-47 assault rifle at home but just did not feel safe.
Summary: A customer at a US restaurant has fired an assault rifle at police because he was enraged that the food had gone up in price.
The newswire service AFP reported on November 15 that a "truck dealer and gun-rights supporter in Florida has tripled his sales by offering a free AK-47 assault rifle to all new buyers.