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An automatic or semiautomatic weapon that holds 30 or more rounds of ammunition and which is generally understood to fire one bullet each time the trigger is pulled. There is no technical military definition of assault weapon other than that referring to a weapon used in a military assault operation. The US Army does define the term assault rifle as a short, compact, selective-fire weapon that fires a cartridge intermediate in power between submachine gun and rifle cartridges
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Experts in public health and psychiatry, in response to Trump, have pointed out that first among the root causes of the epidemic of shooting deaths in the US is primarily the easy access to assault rifles - those weapons designed to efficiently kill multiple people.
Security cameras in the store showed the suspect selecting and concealing two unloaded Noveske assault rifles valued at $2,500 each in the gun library section of the store, then leaving with the weapons.
" We are making the whole range of IWI weapon systems at the facility here including the Tavor- 21 and Galil assault rifles along with the Negev Light Machine Guns, Galil sniper rifles and the X- 95 close quarter carbine rifles here.
"The project, curated by Jake Chapman, consists of new works by some of the most celebrated names in contemporary art all of whom are transforming fully decommissioned M16 assault rifles." No arrests have been made.
Police say anyone who turned in a handgun or assault rifle was given a $200 bank card.
Kalashnikov is the last name of the man who, at least during the Soviet period, was credited as the creator of the AK-47 assault rifle. Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov is still alive today and still feted by the Russian government as a national hero for his weapon.
The guns used by Adam Lanza, 20, included a military-style automatic assault rifle with a 30-bullet magazine.
The weapon referred to in the title is the Kalashnikov assault rifle. As Chivers explains, the simple and robust design of the AK-47 (and its myriad variants) has made it the weapon of choice for poorly trained peasant armies around the world.
Years ago, the anti-gun movement took the designation "AR" and twisted it into "Assault Rifle" as a key part of their misinformation campaign to demonize firearms--purely based on how the rifle looked.
Summary: A gun club in the US is offering firearms enthusiasts the chance to express Christmas joy - by posing with Santa Claus holding a high-power assault rifle.
the very features anti-gunners use to define an "assault rifle." The very features the anti-gunners demand banning from private ownership.
The local press recently focused on Sa'doun al-Sahel, a furniture merchant, who already had an AK-47 assault rifle at home but just did not feel safe.

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