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In August last year, a military parade in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, attended by Maduro, was interrupted by what the authorities said was an assassination attempt on the life of the leader.
He said as supporters of Ruto, they have taken the claims on the assassination plot seriously and want Kenyans to know the truth.
So when did assassination talk become so mundane that we could read newspaper headlines about Cabinet secretaries planning the assassination of the Deputy President and move on to continue with business as usual?
But there are other more thought-provoking scenarios that this presidential narrative on assassination induces.
asked the National Bureau of Investigation to look into an alleged assassination plot against the former government official.
Mufti Usmani survived the assassination attempt as unidentified gunmen opened fire on two vehicles near Karachi's NIPA Chowrangi.
Condemning the assassination of the religio-political leader, Mr Khan expressed grief over his death.
"I am saying this to the entire world -- the order to kill Maduro was given to the [Colombian] government in Bogota from the White House that wants to kill me," Maduro said in a nationally televised speech, stressing that any future assassination attempt on him would fail, press tv reported.
Abbas denounced the assassination attempt against Maduro, extending his sincere congratulations to Maduro for his safety and for escaping the assassination attempt against him.
ISLAMABAD -- Lawmakers in the Senate on Monday strongly condemned assassination attempt on Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal and urged the nation to forge unity for exterminating the menace of extremism and terrorism from the country.
KHAIRPUR -- Civil societies protested here against assassination of Baby Saima Jarwar on Tuesday.
'In Malaysia, character assassination has become an ugly game of politics,' he said in his blog at