asplenia syndrome

a·sple·ni·a syn·drome

syndrome seen in patients who have no functional spleen, either because of surgical removal or disease (for example, sickle cell anemia); includes increased susceptibility to bacterial infection, especially of the pneumococcal type.

Ivemark syndrome

A heterotaxy syndrome (OMIM:208530) in which both right and left atria of the heart are morphologically right. Other associated anomalies include asplenia, mid-line liver, small intestine malrotation and two morphological right lungs.
Clinical findings
In keeping with congenital heart defect—i.e., cyanosis, breathlessness, lethargy, poor feeding.

asplenia syndrome

A rare disorder of fetal development that occurs before the fifth gestational week and results in congenital anomalies of the left hemibody, including absence of the spleen.
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Cardiac anomalies are less common in PS than are in asplenia syndrome (1).
These types can occur in situs solitus, situs inversus or asplenia syndrome,1,3 levocardia or dextrocardia.