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the fluid, gas, or solid particles that are withdrawn from the body by aspiration methods.

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Q. What Causes Aspiration Pneumonia? My father is hospitalized with aspiration pneumonia. What causes this?

A. Aspiration pneumonia is a pneumonia that develops due to the entrance of foreign material that enter the bronchial tree (air tubes), usually oral or gastric contents (including food, saliva, or nasal secretions). Aspiration pneumonia represents a either a bacterial infection or a chemical inflammatory process due to inadequate swallowing mechanism.

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15 ( ANI ): The Delhi Police has arrested a Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) aspirant for kidnapping a five-year-old child from Bhajanpura for ransom.
However, there are aspirants who would like to appear at the said examination, and who would have not attained the age of 30 years when the process will start, i.
Our aim is not to deprive any aspirant of their democratic right, but to ensure that the youths have a common voice going into the general election, having critically assessed all the aspirants that present themselves'', h said.
KARACHI -- delay in balloting of haj applications has disappointed the aspirant applicants , who have already deposited their fees, said Pasban-e-Pakistan Altaf Shakoor.
KARACHI -- Delay in balloting of Hajj applications has disappointed the aspirant Hajiis and the government should take proper measures to redress the grievances of Hajj applicants who have already deposited the required fees in commercial banks, said Pasban e Pakistan Altaf Shakoor here Wednesday.
Only nine women candidates have registered with the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) for the upcoming National Council (NC) elections, comprising 5% of the total aspirant candidates.
Shakir Mushtaq, a GATE aspirant from Harmain, Shopian, said that he was preparing for exams online.
10196, promulgated 13 September 2017, the COMELEC said no person may run for the position of Punong Barangay, Sangguniang (SB) Member, Chairperson, or Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Member unless such aspirant accomplishes a sworn COC in the form prescribed by the Commission.
BJP ticket aspirant from Okhla seat resigned from the party.
Head of the provincial election commission said it was the right of every aspirant to register his/her complaints with the election commission.
It creates a positive outcome for two producers by matching their varying levels of experience and talent to lead the aspirant to long-term financial success, and the mentor to continued and/or greater success and personal satisfaction.
Last month in the midday African heat Liesbeth was able as aspirant director to not only teach our aspirants Franciscan spirituality but also how to incarnate it in service to others by building a small house for Mama Rosalia.