aspheric lens

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a·spher·ic lens

a lens with a paraboloidal surface that eliminates spheric aberration.
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MOD lenses have been introduced in several low vision devices, providing higher-powered lenses for both hand-held devices and high-powered spectacles offering a significant reduction in weight and thickness compared to similar powered aspheric lens designs (see Figure 2).
Aspheric lens designs generally have a narrow edge lift and give reduced edge clearance along the steeper meridian, which should encourage the lens to centre more accurately, and give a better visual result
Panasonic Corporation today announced that it has developed the industry's largest glass-molded aspheric lens measuring 75 mm in diameter that can be used for interchangeable lenses for cameras and projectors whose size and resolution have been increasingly reduced and enhanced, respectively.
2) Practically, an aspheric lens surface can be identified using a lens measure.
The personalised back surface aspheric lens, with larger and clearer vision zones, is said to be revolutionary, as it is the only lens with all the right dimensions and optical properties necessary for the unusual measurements of wrap-around frames.
78d aspheric lens,+90 d asheric lens for bio (volk)opthelmoscopy.
Pristine imagery is also assured by Sony s quality G Lens which redefines what an aspheric lens and special low-dispersion glass combination can reproduce.
FUJINON XF lenses are the pinnacle of Fujifilm's optical design technology, with top quality all-glass construction including aspheric lens elements.