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Denoting a paraboloidal surface, especially of a lens or mirror, which eliminates spheric aberration.
[G. a- priv. + sphaira, sphere]
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In soft presbyopic lenses, there are no commercially available translating designs, which means that only 'simultaneous vision' or single vision (monovision) optics are available; multifocal options are accomplished either with a concentric circle design or an aspheric design.
According to the company, the EVO+ Visian ICL with Aspheric (EDOF) Optic is its next-generation lens.
LightPath believes that aspheric lenses above the 3 mega pixel ranges for cell phones, digital cameras and other equipment will significantly enhance the resolution and provide the potential for future functional enhancements in such equipment and will replace the mixed plastic and glass lenses currently used for such applications.
0 aspheric lens to provide impressive edge-to-edge brightness and sharpness across the frame.
Flatter aspheric spectacle lenses will dramatically reduce the weight of your glasses and the magnification effects.
The XCALIBIR is a measurement system that was designed at NIST to have the flexibility to measure flats, spherical, and aspheric optics.
The lens itself is all glass and contains 3 aspheric elements offering the user the finest optical zoom available.
It includes a built-in flash that fires each time a picture is taken and a 30mm aspheric lens, also used in the company's KB 35mm cameras.
For example," he says, "we used a microscope objective in the system that cost $3,000, but we've since found an $82 aspheric lens that works just as well.
This newest version sports all the latest wizardry -- fully multi-coated optics and an aspheric lens system -- just like the most expensive camera lenses.
In the year since its inception, the new builder has developed three new machines similar to ones pioneered by Moore in Bridgeport: An ultraprecision freeform generator for producing lenses, mirrors, and prisms and built under a DARPA physical-optics program; a single-point-diamond lathe aimed at the electro-optics and computer industries; and an aspheric grinder whose applications include CD and DVD lenses, military optics, and high-definition TV lenses.
In the European Union, both driver and passenger side mirrors are aspheric (One that bulges more to one side than the other, creating two zones on the same mirror).