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Denoting a paraboloidal surface, especially of a lens or mirror, which eliminates spheric aberration.
[G. a- priv. + sphaira, sphere]
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These aspheres are also available coated for specific NdYAG laser wavelengths as the Techspec [lambda]40 laser grade aspheric lenses.
The sample size was 250 patients who underwent bilateral multifocal IOL with aspheric design using apodized technology with +3D add.
Since the reflection angle of the light ray reflected by the spherical reflector is invariant for a specified emitting angle in this case, the uniform lighting on the target surface should be achieved by redistributing the light energy passing through the aspheric surface of the lens.
Aberrations is correcting aspheric IOLs as the Tecnis aim a full correction of the mean corneal spherical aberration (SA), which leads to an improved contrast sensitivity and optical quality.
Implantable lenses company STAAR Surgical Company (NASDAQ:STAA) reported on Thursday the receipt of the CE Mark for commercialisation of the its EVO+ Visian ICL with Aspheric (EDOF) Optic from DEKRA, the European Union's Notified Body.
A 90 diopter Volk[R] (Volk Optical, Inc., Mentor, OH, USA) noncontact double aspheric lens was attached to the smartphone with clear tape (Figure 1).
Scientists look forward to finding a simple way for the synthesis of aspheric alginate particles, and it is indicated that the shape of particles can be easily tuned by the interfacial tension [28].
Wen, "Simulation and optimization of aspheric plastic lens injection molding," Journal of Wuhan University of Technology-Mater.
Arvind made the replica using a USB webcam, a Raspberry Pi board, an LCD panel, aspheric lens, headphones, sun board sheet and glue.
"To realize all this, technologies for mass-scale and efficient fabrication of optical components including spherical, aspheric and binary components need to be evolved", he emphasized.