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Hans, Austrian pediatrician, 1906-1980. See: Asperger disorder.
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It took me many years to appreciate the hearty, delicious peasant food of old Quebec--the meat pies, leeks ("les asperges des pauvres"), black bread, pork and beans--but by that time my father was long gone from my life.
Des echantillons de dechets de roches calibres ont ete inocules avec une suspension de Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans et asperges d'air humidifie de maniere discontinue pour fournir la vitesse de consommation de l'oxygene.
Pates d'Alsace, Asperges des Sables des Landes and Miel de Provence, all from France, will join the list of Protected Geographical Indications (PGI), as will Italy's South Tyrolean apples (Mela Alto Adige or Sudtiroler Apfel) and Spain's Jamon de Trevelez.
It is similarly unlikely that Antonio would be able to scoop the blood into a receptacle from which he would asperge an altar, in Hunter's formulation, even if the stage directions included an altar to be asperged, rather than the hearse of Andrugio; besides, the asperges at a Mass, black or otherwise, comes before the sacrifice, and the blood--whether of Christ or of a Black Mass sacrifice--would be quaffed rather than sprinkled.
It's a story through the eyes of a young boy with asperges. It's very funny with an underlying sadness.
Two of the new collections feature painted vegetables including "Les Asperges" and "Aubergine" as well as "Vintage Peas" and "Vintage Beets." The backgrounds of each image are slightly cracked and worn.
Thus for Proust we find the expected "yin d'Asti," "petite madeleine," "asperges" and a few others (75); Rene Maran's Batouala features exotic offerings such as "gateau de manioc, grillade de chenilles et oeufs de caiman" (108); and a Goncourt prizewinner includes "herisson b ouilli" (139).
Mon ravissement etait devant les asperges, trempes d'outremer et de rose et dont l'epi, finement pignoche de mauve et d'azur, se degrade insensiblement jusqu'au pied--encore souille pourtant du sol de leur plant--par des irisations qui ne sont pas de la terre.
Such cases include the two versions of the 'Asperges me'(15) and the two pieces, Sanctus 6(a) and Credo 18, which have partial concordances in two English works neither of which, incidentally, is discussed or listed by Kaye.(16) These latter concordances, of course, are parts of the variegated puzzle of Binchois's relationship with England and English practices.