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Australian Streptokinase trial in stroke. A trial that asked if streptokinase administered within four hours of acute ischaemic stroke alters subsequent morbidity and mortality (M&M).

Early results of the trial showed a trend towards increased M&M with streptokinase, especially if treated after three hours. The trial was halted by its sponsor.

An acronym for the most critical characteristics of medical competence: attitude, skills, knowledge.


Cardiology A clinical trial–African American Study of Kidney Disease and Hypertension Pilot Study–that studied the relationship between anti-hypertensives and progression of renal disease See Hypertension.

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Q. is the one first question i asked here a lame one? it's just that it's been 15 days. i think i put some real effort in confronting myself so as to benefit, not waste anyones or my time. i don't know i figured more feedback would be offered. hey if it's kind of a i don't know hopeless question maybe any answer, really any answer at all would be appreciated? thanks...

A. Thank you!

Q. I am wondering if any of you are ENTHUSED about the use of COCONUT OIL. I ask because it IS SATURATED FAT. I have trouble losing weight. That inculdes getting cold frequently, and was wondering if cocounut oil would help me maintain body temperture more easily. Also, I have notice that SOME claim that coconut oil has many health benefits not affiliated with polyunsaturates.

A. i know there was a Polynesian research about people that consume coconut oil on a daily basis in parallel to people who don't. they found out that there are high cholesterol levels among the people that consumed coconut oil but no significant difference in heart problems.

Q. Im 29 and i want to have a baby,but im scared to ask my doctor if i can because i dont want to know the answer

A. if u don't ask you will never know,have faith!


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