protocol of patient examination apposite for paediatric examinations (Box 1)
Box 1: The ‘ask–look–touch’ patient examination protocol
  • Ensure an easy, relaxed atmosphere in waiting/examination rooms

  • Watch patient walk into room (note habitual gait/footwear)

  • Ask the patient what the problem is and why he/she thinks it has occurred

  • Measure feet/footwear

  • Examine footwear for style/fit/wear marks

  • Visually examine foot for signs of skin/nail/soft-tissue/bone lesions

  • Carry out a physical examination of skin, joint, vascular and neurological function

  • Determine foot type and metatarsal formula

  • Observe posture and barefoot gait (compare right with left)

  • Make biomechanical evaluation of lower limb and foot

  • Formulate differential/firm diagnosis of presenting problem

  • Formulate management plan

  • Provide informative literature/leaflets on diagnosed condition