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The condition of lacking sex, sexually functioning organs, or sexal orientation.
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(a?sek'shu-al) [ ¹an- + sexual]
1. Lacking sex organs or functional sex organs.
2. Produced or reproduced without sex.
Synonym: agamicasexuality (shu-al'it-e) asexually
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Mr Broughton is one of the cofounders of the Movement for Asexuality Awareness, Protection, Learning and Equality (MAPLE), which aims to increase awareness of asexuality, as well as campaigning for legal equality and for education about asexuality in schools.
Mr Broughton is one of the co-founders of theMovement for Asexuality Awareness, Protection, Learning and Equality (MAPLE),which aims to increase awareness of asexuality as well as campaigning for legal equality and for the education of asexuality in schools.
The most consistent reasons reported by aging men and women for not discussing sex with their physician centre around themes of embarrassment and normalization of sexual dysfunction (Hinchliff & Gott, 2011), thus demonstrating an internalization of the asexuality stereotype by aging adults.
The result is self-help memoir and answers questions such as: What is asexuality?; How can you tell if your partner is asexual, and what are your options if they are?; How can you improve your sex life, increase physical intimacy, and become a better sex partner, regardless of your partner's orientation?
Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to anyone or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity.
DEMI-ROMANTIC: According to, the online home of the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN), a person's romantic tendencies exist separately from sexual ones.
Further, it needs to be pointed out that the information given in the Quran about asexuality before 1400 years was discovered by the Western scientists only about a century or so.13 There is a long journey of many centuries during which many different theories about human reproduction and sexuality were put forward14
(12) We worry about ableism (13): We worry that such paternalist legislation may unjustifiably impede persons with disabilities' wanted sexual relations, reflect the phobic conjunction of disability with asexuality or pathological sexuality, and reiterate the common, careless equivalence of disabled adults and children.