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Some centers specifically avoided the term "aseptic technique" when outlining the need for cleanliness to avoid infections because they considered it potentially confusing to patients.
(4) The source of microbial contamination could be external (incomplete aseptic technique, infected equipment) or internal (bacteraemia in the patient); the fact that a common cause of iatrogenic meningitis are viridans streptococcus strains (5) (mouth commensals) supports the notion that external factors are relevant and an aseptic technique is important.
These practices include consistent use of aseptic technique, including using new sterile needles and syringes when accessing multidose vials and using single-dose vials whenever possible.
Moreover, strict adherence to handwashing, aseptic techniques and infection control protocol are essential nursing interventions to reduce infection.
If guidewire exchange is used, meticulous aseptic technique is necessary.
Using an aseptic technique and without moving the ultrasound transducer from the desired transverse plane, the needle is advanced into the joint space through the rotator cuff interval, using real-time ultrasound guidance (Fig.2).
Strategies to decrease CVC infections include adhering to strict hand washing protocols, aseptic technique on insertion and on accessing the catheter and use of chlorhexidine skin antiseptics.
Level I instructs students in safety, microbiology, medical terminology, pharmacology, introduction to surgical technology, biomedical science, anatomy and physiology, aseptic technique, patient care and surgical case management.
The student had spent several weeks perfecting his aseptic technique, eventually cultivating the needed cells.
Strict adherence to aseptic technique must be followed to avoid joint infection.
"A common theme is that they all involved unsafe injection practices and failure to adhere to aseptic technique," says Perz.
The infection rate is normally low if there is a "clear easy stick" and nurses use aseptic technique, i.e., clean the site with Betadine and alcohol while wearing gloves.