aseptic surgery

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a·sep·tic sur·ger·y

surgery performed under sterile conditions.
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a·sep·tic sur·ge·ry

(ā-sep'tik sŭr'jĕr-ē)
The performance of an operation with sterilized hands, instruments, and environment, taking precautions against the introduction of infectious microorganisms from without.
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aseptic surgery

Surgery performed under sterile conditions.
See also: surgery
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The site around the cyst was clipped and prepared for aseptic surgery as per routine.
The area around umbilicus was carefully prepared for aseptic surgery. The body wall in periphery of umbilical opening was given field block with 2-4 ml of 2% Lignocaine hydrochloride (Lox [2%.sup.b]).
The ewe was prepared for aseptic surgery and administered with Ringers lactate 500 ml and 3 ml Meloxicam (Melone[x.sup.a]) for rehydration and pre emptive analgesia respectively.
intravenously, the animal was prepared for aseptic surgery. Under local infiltration analgesia with 2% Lignocaine hydrochloride in lateral recumbancy, the opening of body wall was extended so as to facilitate the reposition of eviscerated omentum with small intestines into abdomen.
The animal was restrained in left lateral recumbency and area was prepared for aseptic surgery. Animal was sedated with Xylazine @ 0.1 mg/kg b.wt.