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(ă-sep'tāt, ā-),
In fungi, lacking cross walls in a hyphal filament or a spore.
[G. a- priv. + L. saeptum, a partition]
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The conidial chain with isthimi consists of seven conidia and aggregates in slimy masses, single conidium smooth, gutullate, aseptate, and the conidia remain attached to one another by narrow isthimi (Figures 3 and 4).
H & E stained sections of the biopsy showed an aggregates of broad, aseptate hyphae with right angled, irregular branching (Figure 3) and a few rosettes of needle shaped crystals (Figure 4).
2) Aseptate flagellate trichomes (or whip trichomes, Metcalfe & Chalk 1989): uniseriate, 2-3-celled with body differentiated in stalk and a long, whip-like terminal cell.
These fungi are often thought to be aseptate, rather than pauciseptate.
Menhaden lesions were characterized by necrotizing dermatitis and myositis with severe chronic granulomatous inflammation containing aseptate fungal hyphae (23,24).
Two cases of pigmented fungi were identified both of which presented as frontal abscesses, which had dark-pigmented hyphae and two cases of zygomycosis that were characterized by aseptate hyphae.
Seen admixed are numerous broad aseptate fungal hyphae exhibiting right angled branching.
The septation of the macroconidia was 3 to 5 and the microconidia were usually aseptate or single septate.
The colonies on SDA were fluffy to cotton white at first, becoming grayish brown, spreading widely by means of aseptate stolons (completely filling the Petri-dishes within 36-48 hours).
The diagnosis was established by direct microscopic evidence of broad, aseptate or sparsely septate ribbon-like hyphae with right angle branching in KOH wet mount and histopathological examination of stained sections.
A Grocott-Gomori methenamine--silver nitrate stain demonstrated broad aseptate hyphae with obtuse-angle branching.