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(as′kŭs) (as′(k)ī″, (k)ē″) plural.asci [Gr. askos, leather bag]
A saclike spore case in which ascospores, typically eight, are formed; characteristic of the Ascomycetes.
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tetramerum, the generic type of Diadema and besides ascomata opening via a circular lid, asci with the short orbicular pedicel without an ocular chamber and trans-septate, ascospores, lacking longitudinal septa, and surrounded by a very broad sheath narrowed to a waist near the middle septum are considered to be significant for the genus.
The ASCI assigns different priorities to different types of messages.
He added that the impact of the euro zone crisis and the Arab Spring political unrest had helped direct capital flight from these markets into Turkey, which Asci said has increasingly been viewed as a safe haven.
The ASCI swap futures can also be utilised to hedge transactions for individual crude streams, such as its Mars, Poseidon and Southern Green Canyon components.
The asci is unitunicate non-amyloid, broadly clavate, 8 spored, 25-33 x 12-18 [micro]m, short stipitate, evanescent.
The ASCI unit is a specialised 18-bed unit housed within GSH.
Asci with biseriately arranged spores and spirally arranged ridges in semi-mature spores are also features shared with C.
subsidiary The Absolut Spirits Company (ASCI), will see a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASCI merge with and into Cruzan International.
When fully installed, "Red Storm" will have peak performance of more than 40 teraflops (trillions of calculations per second) and is expected to be at least seven times more powerful on real-world applications than Sandia's current ASCI Red supercomputer.
The school's supercomputer, named X for its design goal of 10 teraflops, is the fastest university supercomputer, and the third fastest in the world behind Japan's Earth Simulator and the Los Alamos National Laboratory's ASCI Q dedicated weapons computer.
National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA) Sandia National Laboratories has selected Foundry Network's BigIron MG8 Terabit-capacity 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) switches to provide the core networking fabric for the Advanced Strategic Computing Initiative's (ASCI) Red Storm supercomputer.