(ă-sen'sŭs), The plural of this word is ascensus, not ascensi.
A moving upward; having an abnormally high position.
[L. ascent]
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29 January 2018 - Pennsylvania, US-based technology-enabled service provider Ascensus has agreed to acquire Georgia, US-based defined benefit plans consultancy Qualified Plans LLC to expand TPA presence in the Southeast US, the company said.
Ascensus helps more than 7m Americans save for the future--retirement, college, and healthcare--through technology-enabled solutions.
Genstar's current and previous investments in financial and business services companies include Ascensus, AssetMark, Strategic Insight, Mercer Advisors, Institutional Shareholder Services and Altegris.
In his new role, Brigeman, who currently serves as a member of the board of Genstar portfolio company, Ascensus, will advise Genstar in its financial services vertical, particularly in wealth management, financial technology and outsourced services to investment managers.
For example, at recordkeeper Ascensus, Kathleen Connelly, executive vice president, in Dresher, Pennsylvania, says she considers that market segment to be plans of $10 million or less, with those of $1 million or less being the micro plan market.
Morgan Stanley says it is developing a retirement program for small 401(k) plans, called ClearFit, in cooperation with recordkeeper Ascensus, so that its advisors can offer the "turnkey" service to clients in need of plans with less than $10 million in assets.
This summer, Steve Christenson, an executive vice president at Brainerd, Minnesota-based Ascensus, said he was hoping the presidential campaign would give health savings accounts and other personal health account concepts much-needed publicity.
Steve Christensen, an executive vice president at the investment service provider Ascensus (pictured), said even though HSAs can provide a tremendous opportunity to pump up member investment activity, credit unions often mistakenly avoid them for six reasons.
Indeed, some of his modern readers who most strongly argue for the indebtedness of his trinitarianism to Neoplatonism point precisely to the ascensus of De Trinitate.
The plan design is by far the best way to get to a point where more employers pass their nondiscrimination testing," says Geno Cufone, senior vice president, retirement administration, at Ascensus in Dresher, Pennsylvania.
Hirnantian mudstones are abruptly but conformably overlain by anoxic black shales with abundant graptolites of the basal Silurian Akidograptus ascensus Biozone (Storch 2006).
Virgo Dei Genitrix virga est; flos, Filius eius; egressus virgae, nativitas Virginis; ascensus floris, nativitas Salvatoris; et hoc omnino de radice Iesse.