processus ascendens

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pro·ces·sus as·cen·dens

an upward extension of the embryonic pterygoquadrate cartilage; it develops into the greater wing of the sphenoid bone.
Synonym(s): ascending process
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And following this the molecules were introduced to the surface of graphene foam and the graphene resistance rapidly increased (ascending process).
For each response curve, ten characteristics could be extracted: time of ascending process [t.sub.s], time of descending process [t.sub.d], time of response process t, area of ascending process [A.sub.s], area of descending process [A.sub.d], area of response process A, average resistance of ascending process [], average resistance of descending process [], biggest change rate of ascending process [V.sub.s], and biggest change rate of descending process [V.sub.d].
Trauma: Fracture of the ascending process of maxilla or lacrimal bone following road traffic accident or surgery may sever or compress the nasolacrimal duct, or sac may lead to stenosis or atresia.
An osteotomy is done in the ascending process of maxilla and lacrimal bone and exposes nasal mucosa.
Static Temperature Ascending Process. The static temperature ascending process is the indispensable working procedure of DTY machine heating cabinet and can reflect the primary control performance of the proposed temperature control system.
Temperature Ascending Process. As mentioned in Section 5, as a key technical procedure of DTY machine, the static temperature ascending process can characterize the fundamental control effects of the developed temperature control system.
According to scientific findings, the amount of body fat in women is ascending process and in the range of 5 to 6 years old, a little change occurs and then ascending process continues until ages 13-15 years old, and when approaches to the adults ages (17 years old), body fat mass is reduced and also body mass index of girls, as a health factor has almost same changes.
The existing online coregularization algorithms in previous work can be viewed as an approximation of the dual ascending process based on gradient ascent.
Too often, a well-intentioned surgeon will perform an osteotomy of the ascending process of the maxilla in an attempt to shift the nasal pyramid into a central position.
There can also be extramural expansion of ethmoid cells outside the ethmoid to invade the frontal, maxillary, and sphenoid sinuses as well as the ascending process of the maxilla and lacrimal bone.
There is a space between the otic capsule and the ascending process of the palatoquadrate where cranial nerve VII exits the skull posteriorly.
We obtamed a biopsy specimen with a 0[degrees] endoscope by incising the mucosa of the lateral nasal wall over the area of the ascending process of the palatine bone.
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