ascending artery

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as·cend·ing ar·ter·y

arising either as the first branch of the inferior mesenteric artery, or indirectly from it via the left colic artery, it passes anteriorly to the left kidney into the transverse mesocolon to anastomose with the middle colic artery. It thus forms an anastomosis between superior and inferior mesenteric arteries and is a component of the marginal artery (Drummond) of the colon. Synonym(s): arteria intermesenterica, ascending branch of the inferior mesenteric artery
Synonym(s): arteria ascendens [TA]
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as·cend·ing ar·te·ry

(ă-send'ing ahr'tĕr-ē) [TA]
The portion of the inferior branch of the ileocolic artery that passes superiorly along the ascending colon to communicate with a branch of the right colic artery to supply the ascending colon.
Synonym(s): arteria ascendens [TA] .
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