ascending branch

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as·cend·ing branch

a branch directed superiorly. Terminologia Anatomica recognizes an ascending branch of the following: 1) anterior segmental arteries of left and right lungs (ramus ascendens arteriae segmentales anteriores pulmones sinistrae et dextrae [TA]), 2) deep circumflex iliac artery (ramus ascendens arteriae circumflexae iliacae profundae [TA]), 3) inferior epigastric artery (ramus ascendens arteriae epigastricae inferiores [TA]), 4) lateral and medial circumflex femoral arteries (rami ascendens arteriae circumflexae femoris lateralis et medialis [TA]), 5) posterior segmental arteries of left and right lungs (ramus ascendens arteriae segmentales pulmones sinistrae et dextrae [TA]), and 6) superficial cervical artery (ramus ascendens ramorum superficiales arteriae transversae collie [TA]).
Synonym(s): ramus ascendens [TA]
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Blue Arrow showing the Inferior Mesenteric Vein and Red Arrow showing the Ascending Branch of the Left Colic Artery lying close to the Mouth of the Sa
Transfer from the stratosphere to the ionosphere might be possible with the ascending branch of the global electrical circuit [23, 24] due to a variety of coupled mechanisms of turbulent electrothermodiffusion accompanied by mass transfer of dispersible material although these processes need further exploration [25, 26].
Two morphological synapomorphies have been identified for Otatea: 1) branch complements with three subequal and ascending branches and 2) spikelets with pubescent lemmas (Ruiz-Sanchez et al., 2008).
For ascending branch, [[epsilon].sub.c][less than or equal to] [[epsilon]]:
Self-complication of internal structure at the ascending branch of their existence.
In general, the initial and ascending branches for [I.sub.c] measurement are: (1) increasing magnetic field, (2) rotating toward 0[degrees] (bad angle), and (3) increasing temperature.
The anterolateral portals evaluated are safe to use with the LFCN and the ascending branch of the LCFA as the structures at higher risk of injury.
Finally, the analytically obtained results were statistically optimized to drive the following [[beta].sub.1] equations for the ascending branch (Figure 9(a)) and the descending branch (Figure 9(b)):
The ascending branch passes anteriorly to the left kidney, then enters the transverse mesocolon, and passes superiorly to supply the upper part of the descending colon and the distal part of the transverse colon.
The ascending branch coursed upwards and to the left and reached the iliac crest.
The superior branch skirts the superior border of gluteus minimus muscle to the anterior superior iliac spine and anastomoses with the deep circumflex iliac artery and the ascending branch of the lateral circumflex femoral artery.