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Albersia arenaria Schur * Albersia ascendens Fourr.
Early recognition of aortitis of the aorta ascendens with 18F-FDG PET/CT: Syphilitic?
The nutritional status of Encyclia tampensis and Tillandsia circinata, on Taxodium ascendens, and the availability of nutrients to epiphytes on this host in south Florida.
The internal mammary artery and the anterior descending artery were inosculated by continuous suture, as well as the anastomosis of great saphenous vein graft far-end, vein graft and the aorta ascendens.
A pianista Ana Claudia de Assis (Brasil), traz a discussao deste tema para a musica contemporanea, no artigo "Abyssus Ascendens ad Aeternum Splendorem.
39) We ought to keep in mind that Schelling calls negative philosophy philosophia ascendens: "Negative philosophy is just philosophia ascendens (rising from the bottom), in virtue of what one has immediately to acknowledge that it can have only a logical meaning; positive philosophy is instead philosophia descendens (descending from the top).
Propheta autem respondit, et dicit: Ecce rex tuus venit tibi iustus, et salvator ipse pauper, et ascendens super asinam et pullum filium asinae, non in curribus.
This is similarity noted by O Broin, Rex Christus Ascendens, 105.
50 cm alta, erecta vel ascendens, parce ramosa, rhizomatosa.