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A gum resin, the inspissated exudate from the root of Ferula foetida (family Umbelliferae); malodorous material used as a repellant against dogs, cats, and rabbits, and formerly used as an antispasmodic; in Asia, used as a condiment and flavoring agent.
Synonym(s): devil's dung.
[Pers. aza, mastic, + L. foetidus, fetid]


, asafoetida (as-ă-fet′ĭd-ă) [L. asafoetida fr. Persian āzā, gum, mastic + L. f(o)etida, fetid, smelly]
A gum resin, obtained from the roots of Ferula asafoetida, with a characteristic strong odor and garlic taste. Although this substance is no longer used in medicine, it has historical interest. Until the early 20th century, it was used as a carminative and as an amulet to ward off disease. It is used in Asia as a condiment and food flavoring and as an animal repellent in veterinary medicine.
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Chowka Dahi, a lightly tempered yoghurt speciality mixed with curry leaves, asafoetida and mustard seeds serves as an innovative, refreshing companion to the meal.
Add the chopped garlic and sprinkle with asafoetida.
The label on that product quantifies only the nutritional value, not the three named ingredients: "Gum Arabic; Wheat Starch, Asafoetida.
Recently, it was reported that asafoetida (the oleogumresin obtained from some Ferula species, especially Ferula foetida) could inhibit early events of carcinogenesis (Saleem et al.
As it happens, I had been dispatched to Borough Market on Saturday with a shopping list featuring such kitchen basics as asafoetida, galangal and freshly squeezed orang-utan oil, but unfortunately my route took me past the Club, so my sole acquisition of the evening was liver marinaded in Jack Daniels.
gram, urad dal and asafoetida and cook until lentils are golden brown.
RUTH Hughes yn son am Asiffeta, neu'n gywir 'Asaffeta'; yn Saesneg Asafoetida, o ddwyrain yr India.
Why ruin a Dover sole with the foul pungency of asafoetida ("divel's dreck") or poison oneself with overbrewed Ledum groenlandicum (Labrador tea)?
Mary Jane Gale, for instance, told the jury that whenever her deceased grandchild had suffered from fits, her daughter Olivia had rubbed it with asafoetida and camphor and that she had always been "kind to the child.
Adorning the festive menu are some tasty additions, including Mamsam Theyal, which consists of strips of lamb and green peppers cooked in a thick medium-spicy sauce made of onions, tomato and grated coconut (Lunch), and Meen Poundu, which is monk fish simmered in a medium spicy South Indian tamarind sauce tempered with Mustard and Asafoetida (Dinner).