as fed

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as fed

describes animal feed in the state it is fed, which includes moisture.

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Q. my nephew 12,still has to be fed by his mother. when all the family is together,various kids from age3to 13will finish their meals in a reasonable amount of time.My nephew seems to drift off into space, when food is still on the plate,when he does manage to put a bit eg,pizza he will take forever to chew it,it ends up taking him 30 mins. to finish a slice of pizza for dinner,sometimes longer. He refuses to try new foods, he lives off of milk,cookies, chips,and hotdog,and pizza,but it's his habit at the dinner table,his mother is telling him please put some food in your mouth and chew,,he drifts off into space,she 's tried to back off,but then the food stays as is.He has Hx of epiplectic seizures.He is doing poorly in school, doesn't have enough energy to play sports. HE does not make eye contact when taking. He is very moody,and doesn't have very many friends. We are all baffled.Any Ideas.

A. hmmm...this sounds an uneasy situation and i can see you'r is a video of Dr. Peggy S. Eicher the mMdical Director of the Center for Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital about feeding problems with children:

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