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AngioRad™ Radiation Therapy for In-Stent Restenosis Intracoronary Trials. A clinical trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of the AngioRad™ gamma system in stented patients.
Primary endpoint 6-month major acute cardiac events (MACE), target vessel failure.
Conclusion The AngioRad system appears to prevent restenosis; larger trials are planned.


Cardiology A clinical trial–AngioRad Radiation Therapy for In-Stent Restenosis Intracoronary Trials–to evaluate the AngioRad gamma system in stented Pts See Stent.

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Q. Are most artists truly bipolar? Dear friends, a lot of people see a connection between creativity and insanity. I don't believe that's the case. However, I'm an artist. And I joke about that three-word sentence "I'm an artist" can justify or rationalize ANY activity whatsoever. "No, no. I'm not crazy. What I'm doing here is perfectly reasonable. You see, I'm An Artist”. It's like a cutout from the Looney bin free cards! I have been recently thinking that most artists are bipolar after seeing some of their work. Are most artists truly bipolar or is it because most artists are not ambitious besides being almost poverty stricken?

A. I believe that it is false to say most artists are bipolar or suffer mental illness at all. Artists are just that "artistic" most think outside the box and enjoy being a little different excentric if you will. Everyone in life has suffering (which some use to enhance creativity) wether it be sleepless nights with a new baby or death of a loved one, a break up etc... I am artistic and choose poetry and photography as my mediums. Most of my work is an expression of my current situation. If I am feeling down I will take pictures that express that, if I am happy my pictures will reflect that. My poetry reflects my love for the most part. Art is an expression of self. To have others view it is to stand naked in the middle of a room for others to judge. Perhaps some may think this process to be "crazy" for me it is liberating. Some view the world in a straight forward reolistic way and others view it in ideas and imaging. As an example my mother looks at my pa

Q. I am an artist who is only breadwinner of my family.Can depression cause blurry eyes? I am an artist who is only breadwinner of my family. I have my own business which is flourishing well. I have three children who are doing schooling. My wife is a home maker. I don’t want her to go for a job. So she is very well taking care of me and my children for the past 12 years being at home. Now the problem is that due to natural disaster my studio was destroyed which made me to suffer from heavy depression even after I got the money from the insurance. For the past few weeks I could not draw or paint due to my blurry eyes. Can depression cause blurry eyes?

A. Hi artist. Yes, depression can cause a depletion of all major nutrition absorption, including the vitamins like vitamin A, which helps maintain good vision. Loss of appetite in itself is a symptom of depression. Some times tears due to depression do tend to blur the vision.

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They need these to respond in artistically appropriate ways as they interact with the viewer, who is now a participant, without the original artist being present.
While the two earlier blockbusters mainly celebrated, and validated, an art-historical division of Europe into "centers" and "peripheries" by the nations that have held claims to the highest achievements of modern art, the Warsaw exhibition, curated by Anda Rottenberg, matched two countries that most of the world hardly perceives as equal--politically, culturally, or artistically.
Doors in the back of the greenhouse will open out to a grand terrace and artistically designed green space.
Passion plays or films fail into this category, as do Nativity scenes and a host of other attempts to artistically represent Christ.
While artistically engaging, the Variations are technically accessible and feature writing both idiomatic to the instrument and reflective of a broad range of historical styles.
Artistically talented Bentley follows her into the newspaper world when she hits upon an idea for an original cartoon strip.
Charles Jencks in his laudation suggested that Yeang's books on the bioclimatic skyscraper (AR August 1997) will be as influential as Sullivan's 1896 paper on 'The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered.
Not doing so would not only be a great loss artistically, but it would also be a great loss of stories about Canadian realities now long gone.
Jonson creates a powerful, artistically generative woman with Bartholomew Fair's Ursula (a kind of "cross-dressed male-female Falstaff compounded with a feminized version of Jonson himself" [157]), and yet Ursula's status as mythic androgyne is also compromised by Jonson's emphasis on her unattractiveness to men.
As Nellie McKay notes in her Foreword, unlike the works of their male counterparts, the stories of most of the women writers of this artistically prolific period were never reprinted.
A first in spa aesthetic services, the Crystal Room at Qua will offer customized designs of tiny Swarovski crystals artistically adhered to the body - the ultimate personal accessory and the perfect prelude to an exciting evening of Caesars Palace entertainment and nightlife.