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AngioRad™ Radiation Therapy for In-Stent Restenosis Intracoronary Trials. A clinical trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of the AngioRad™ gamma system in stented patients.
Primary endpoint 6-month major acute cardiac events (MACE), target vessel failure.
Conclusion The AngioRad system appears to prevent restenosis; larger trials are planned.


Cardiology A clinical trial–AngioRad Radiation Therapy for In-Stent Restenosis Intracoronary Trials–to evaluate the AngioRad gamma system in stented Pts See Stent.

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Q. Are most artists truly bipolar? Dear friends, a lot of people see a connection between creativity and insanity. I don't believe that's the case. However, I'm an artist. And I joke about that three-word sentence "I'm an artist" can justify or rationalize ANY activity whatsoever. "No, no. I'm not crazy. What I'm doing here is perfectly reasonable. You see, I'm An Artist”. It's like a cutout from the Looney bin free cards! I have been recently thinking that most artists are bipolar after seeing some of their work. Are most artists truly bipolar or is it because most artists are not ambitious besides being almost poverty stricken?

A. I believe that it is false to say most artists are bipolar or suffer mental illness at all. Artists are just that "artistic" most think outside the box and enjoy being a little different excentric if you will. Everyone in life has suffering (which some use to enhance creativity) wether it be sleepless nights with a new baby or death of a loved one, a break up etc... I am artistic and choose poetry and photography as my mediums. Most of my work is an expression of my current situation. If I am feeling down I will take pictures that express that, if I am happy my pictures will reflect that. My poetry reflects my love for the most part. Art is an expression of self. To have others view it is to stand naked in the middle of a room for others to judge. Perhaps some may think this process to be "crazy" for me it is liberating. Some view the world in a straight forward reolistic way and others view it in ideas and imaging. As an example my mother looks at my pa

Q. I am an artist who is only breadwinner of my family.Can depression cause blurry eyes? I am an artist who is only breadwinner of my family. I have my own business which is flourishing well. I have three children who are doing schooling. My wife is a home maker. I don’t want her to go for a job. So she is very well taking care of me and my children for the past 12 years being at home. Now the problem is that due to natural disaster my studio was destroyed which made me to suffer from heavy depression even after I got the money from the insurance. For the past few weeks I could not draw or paint due to my blurry eyes. Can depression cause blurry eyes?

A. Hi artist. Yes, depression can cause a depletion of all major nutrition absorption, including the vitamins like vitamin A, which helps maintain good vision. Loss of appetite in itself is a symptom of depression. Some times tears due to depression do tend to blur the vision.

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Both artistically and historically, Forest Lawn officials consider the ``Light and Hope '' exhibit a treasure.
In May, however, fifty-six ABT dancers signed a petition circulated by the terminated dancer, stating that the dancer, who had been with ABT since 1995, excelled artistically.
With her new film, Munch's Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day, Sperling looks past Hollywood's blockbuster mentality to make films that are both artistically ambitious and financially viable.
Zildjian's cymbals inspire drummers of all skill levels to artistically express themselves through jazz, rock, pop, alternative and classical genres.
Whether or not this is thinking that noncreative viewers can relate to, it will certainly ring true to anyone who has ever tried to express himself artistically.
Both artistically and economically, the Bolshoi under Vasiliev proved disappointing to the powers that be, and he has been accused of failing to fulfill the promises he made to revitalize the companies.
As an academic in an alien, artistically backward country, he strove to justify Modernism in general as well as geometric abstraction in particular, though, like many members of the Bauhaus, he had a tendency to turn artistic expression into an object lesson.
Students at arts magnet high schools were asked to artistically interpret the refrigerator as an American Icon.
I went through fifteen years after my marriage dissolved and a very painful love affair, the kind that turns you inside out, and it was the same time I was discovering my own voice artistically, and they may have helped each other on.
as his Americanization of his name from Jiri Georg to George underlines) artistically live up to the horrendous occasion of his theme?
We also desire to sell artistically framed reproductions of many of the great western masterpieces.
It's a film version of James Joyce's ``Ulysses'' - no classier pedigree than that - being shot in English by an artistically respectable American director (John Malkovich).