artificial tooth

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ar·ti·fi·ci·al tooth

(ahrti-fishăl tūth)
A tooth made of plastic, porcelain, or metal used in a prosthetic device (e.g., a fixed or removable partial denture).
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Table 1--Mean values ([micro]m) of buccal contour, standard deviations (SD) and p value comparing the buccal contour of the unprepared artificial tooth control) and the laminate veneer regardless of using or not an anatomical reference.
Special equipment is used, like a hole-punch on the bone, to create a space that's exactly the right size to hold and stabilize the artificial tooth.
Lost and found: Defensive line coach Ed Orgeron lost an artificial tooth he's been wearing recently during practice, but it later was found on the field by a staff member.
The body may still reject the tooth further down the road, and the dentist may have to take other steps, such as using artificial tooth glue to reattach the tooth to bone.
According to Conair, about 5 million Americans have dental implants -- an artificial tooth root surgically placed into the jaw to hold a replacement tooth in place.
Then, not even the most intimate observer will be able to distinguish an artificial tooth from one that nature made.
Previously, the planning and control of artificial tooth manufacture had been a very manual-intensive operation, carried out by a few skilled individuals within the company.
Unlike conventional crowns and bridges, which rely on remaining teeth for support, a dental implant consists of an artificial tooth or bridge attached to the underlying jawbone.