artificial organs

artificial organs, the devices used to support life because of the failure or limited capacity of the human organ. The most effective is the artificial kidney, which consists of a set of tubes that pass the blood through a dialysate solution where wastes are removed by osmosis and diffusion. See also hemodialysis.
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Attorney-General concluded by demanding of them, in the name of everything he could think of with a round turn in it, and on the faith of his solemn asseveration that he already considered the prisoner as good as dead and gone.
All turned toward the spot from whence this unexpected asseveration was heard.
He knew some anecdotes about the heroes of the turf, and various clever tricks of Marquesses and Viscounts which seemed to prove that blood asserted its pre-eminence even among black-legs; but the minute retentiveness of his memory was chiefly shown about the horses he had himself bought and sold; the number of miles they would trot you in no time without turning a hair being, after the lapse of years, still a subject of passionate asseveration, in which he would assist the imagination of his hearers by solemnly swearing that they never saw anything like it.
It is not expedient to burden this preliminary to my story with further details, which I do make asseveration I possess a-plenty.
Then,' resumed Miss Twinkleton, 'all I can say is, that I am bound to believe, on your asseveration, that it is very poor indeed.
In the second place, I demand a plain proof, which does not depend on your personal asseveration, of the date at which my wife left Blackwater Park and travelled to London.
You've said enough, Paul," interrupted the female, laying her hand on his mouth, with a familiarity that gave something very like the lie direct, to his intended asseveration.
His old sweetheart, being in fact so near at hand that she was then reclining against him in a flutter, a very substantial angle of forty-five degrees, here interposed to assure Mistress Affery with greater earnestness than directness of asseveration, that what she heard should go no further, but should be kept inviolate, 'if on no other account on Arthur's--sensible of intruding in being too familiar Doyce and Clennam's.
Grimwig plants, fishes, and carpenters, with great ardour; doing everything in a very singular and unprecedented manner, but always maintaining with his favourite asseveration, that his mode is the right one.
Many humans now live with transplanted kidneys, livers, hearts, lungs, corneas, pancreases, and, of late, even penises and faces; others have artificial organs - from increasingly sophisticated prosthetic limbs to bionic eyes and ears.
Italian specialists in biological membranes review recent developments in membranes and investigate how they can be used to improve the quality and efficiency of artificial organs as an aging population increases the demand for organ transplant while it decreases the supply.
CytoSorbents Corporation, a critical care immunotherapy leader using CytoSorb blood purification to treat deadly inflammation in critically ill and cardiac surgery patients around the world, highlighted the recent publication of a study entitled Extracorporeal cytokine elimination as rescue therapy in refractory septic shock: a prospective single-center study in the Journal of Artificial Organs.