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Produced or caused by an artifact.
Synonym(s): artifactitious


(1) Referring to something produced by human hands.
(2) Referring to an inaccurate finding, deviation or alteration of electronic readout or morphology due to some form of systemic error.


Produced or caused by an artifact.


, artifactitious (ahr'ti-fak'chū-ăl, -fak-tish'ŭs)
Produced or caused by an artifact.
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The MDHAQ does not include HAQ queries concerning aids, devices, or help from another person, which complicates scoring, may not add important information (particularly at this time), and possibly elevate scores artifactually with use of a device such as a jar opener, as noted above.
The more physically similar the elements of the test set, the more likely is it that generalization will artifactually suppress test scores.
M] = 1), which is artifactually defined by reference to the NBS/NIST SRM 4990B, as explained in Sec.
Biopsy specimens from the bulbus, however, should be interpreted with caution because this area is susceptible to peptic injury and contains prominent Brunner glands, which can lead to obliteration of the villi, with an artifactually flat mucosal appearance.
Although disease maps have both visual and intuitive appeal, caution is required in interpretation, as apparent patterns can be created or lost artifactually depending on how the mapped variable is depicted (e.
The subsequent calculation of the PIS score included these "extracurricular" button pre sses, which resulted in an artifactually inflated number of C presses and a more positive PIS score.
Therefore, the pre-measured anticoagulant in a standard blue top tube is excessive and the specimen is artifactually over-anticoagulated.
It was my view that giant platelets, like nucleated RBCs, will artifactually elevate the WBC when counted on a hematology analyzer.
Currently, both lysigeny and schizogeny appear to be accepted as natural processes, and are described as such in plant anatomy texts and reviews of plant secretory structures (Esau, 1977; Fahn, 1979, 1982; Mauseth, 1988); but the conflicting literature and potential for artifactually produced images of lysigeny suggest that lysigeny may be a false category of gland development.
Monoclonal paraproteinemia can hinder lipoprotein clearance, thereby increasing circulating cholesterol while artifactually lowering cholesterol measurements (1).
Limited periods of low temperature plasma ashing may be used, but prolonged periods alter the dimensions of the fibers, resulting in artifactually higher numbers of smaller fibers.
A mild inflammatory process with mildly to moderately increased FDG uptake around joint prostheses, pacemakers, tracheal tubes, and venous ports are common, but when increased FDG uptake is located corresponding to the center of the dense object, artifactually increased uptake as a consequence of overcorrection should be considered.