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Produced or caused by an artifact.
Synonym(s): artifactitious


(1) Referring to something produced by human hands.
(2) Referring to an inaccurate finding, deviation or alteration of electronic readout or morphology due to some form of systemic error.


Produced or caused by an artifact.


, artifactitious (ahr'ti-fak'chū-ăl, -fak-tish'ŭs)
Produced or caused by an artifact.
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Generally the performance metrics are to be evaluated in terms of the percentage as % of hiding failure, % of miss cost, % of artifactual rules and % of the difference between the gains of the attributes.
Falsely low LDL-cholesterol concentrations and artifactual undetectable HDL-cholesterol measured by direct methods in a patient with monoclonal paraprotein.
This article suggests several applications of these concepts to the educational reality, taking into account the social and technological changes, with particular emphasis on the artifactual approach of literacy by Pahl and Rowsell.
Thus the sense in which these artifacts and artifactual kinds are human creations does have important consequences for their metaphysics, and for our epistemic relation to them--consequences that mark them as importantly different from the objects and kinds of the natural sciences.
Our data also permit robust long-term analysis, which is central to identifying whether differences in incidence or epidemiology are real or artifactual, and whether those differences are meaningful for public health.
Having established the superiority of an artifactual conception of the self, Margolis moves in the next chapter ('Vicissitudes of Transcendental Reason') and the epilogue ('Pragmatism and the Prospect of a Rapprochement within Eurocentric Philosophy') to defend the book's central claim, namely, that pragmatism's capacity to combine with aspects of the other two traditions is its distinct advantage.
Martin also asserts that the artifactual assemblage excavated from Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest, "in combination with local store records, enables a unique two-tiered level of analysis of slave possessions" (185) but cites only a 1997 conference paper for the Poplar Forest artifacts.
Consequently, results of hematological determinations of improperly stored or handled blood samples can yield misleading results (6, 7 8 9 10) Butarrello (10) and Goosens (11) in their studies concluded that refrigeration of human blood samples is recommended to stabilize blood and minimize artifactual changes.
Given the potential for artifactual signal loss with TOF MRA in cases of altered flow, it is not surprising that MRA has a high false-positive rate for detection of intracranial stenosis and occlusion.
The importance of Riffaterre's work can be seen even more clearly when his form of analysis is brought to bear on texts whose truth claims are based on divine authority: for no man, or woman for that matter, speaks to God, and all discourse is indeed artifactual, human-made, "undivine," and hence susceptible to the kinds of analysis that Michael Riffaterre so coolly and lucidly deploys.
Hamden, Connecticut) provide an in-depth examination of nontraditional applications of three important imaging techniques--photography, radiography, and endoscopy--to the field of archaeological and artifactual analysis.
Conventional A-scan ultrasound indents the cornea causing artifactual shortening of the axial length and is best reserved for eyes with very dense cataracts where laser interferometry cannot be used.