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Relating to articulate speech.
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The consonant chart (Table 1, next page) demonstrates ways to simplify the articulatory process so that vowel space can remain unobstructed.
For co- articulatory metathesis, Blevin and Garret14 examined four languages: Klamath, Wiyot, Aklanon, Mikolese.
The study of FF's articulatory practice goes to the core of the critique of intersectionality as potentially devastating for the unity of women (see Brah & Phoenix, 2004).
There is no subject position whose links with the others is permanently assured; and consequently, there is no fully acquired social identity which is not subject, to a greater or lesser degree, to the action of articulatory practices' (Laclau, 1985: 33).
In articulatory terms this is called "phonation," in phonological terms the matched representation is called "voicing" (Leiberman and Blumstein, 97-8).
An articulatory suppression task was also added in order to avoid the vocal repetition of presented shapes; the "1, 2, 3" and "2, 3, 4" numerical sequences were used for this task.
Unstressed syllable: Unstressed syllables, in comparison with stressed syllables, are articulated with less articulatory effort.
According to Golubovic [4], the articulatory base is especially important for the proper articulation of speech sounds, which is a system of speakers' automated habits of pronunciation.
As in the book under review, Georges Bohas has devoted much energy, often in collaboration with his pupils, to lending support to the idea that Semitic roots, as attested in Arabic, can be reduced to semantic core units consisting of two radicals or, on an even deeper level, to a (non-ordered) set of articulatory features called a "matrix.
By selectively integrating themselves with these bits and pieces, these systems are fundamentally changing the nature of sociality of a social media from being exclusively confined as an articulatory framework of a virtual world to a physical factor determining social relationships of power in the real world.