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Relating to articulate speech.
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Those patterns include both typical acoustic fragments and abstract phonological categories (phoneme sequences), and access is facilitated by both auditory and articulatory experience with words.
There are many materials available for teaching pronunciation, but the methods are directed toward the articulatory properties of sounds, the manner and place of articulation and voicing in the production of consonants, and tongue height, tenseness or laxness, and rounding in the production of vowels, presenting an extensive and complicated set of parameters to teach.
If this hypothesis is correct, articulatory suppression should disrupt the recall of landmarks in the survey perspective.
If the lengthening effect of /rd/ was stronger in the North, it may have been so because of the stronger articulatory affinity of /r/ and /d/ in the Anglian dialects.
HAPPY also helps instructors recognize the articulatory components that cause these difficulties.
its upper articulatory release (Lisker & Abramson, 1964; see Note).
It then offers the first of several examples of an 'articulatory space', defined as 'a discursive interface where symbolic discourses and social performances commingle and are imbued respectively and relationally with meaning' (125).
This ideologically organized historical block is embodied within institutions and apparatuses through a number of articulatory principles.
Having presented the two perspective of analyzing slips of the tongues as spoonerisms, seen as speech errors caused by a disfunction in the mechanisms of the articulatory process and as parapraxes or Freudian slips, seen as outward manifestations of repressed sub-conscious thoughts, we cannot but validate their linguistic and psycho-analytical readings and integrate them in a unified angle.
Production: They had very poor articulatory practice.