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Relating to articulate speech.
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The articulatory domain (analogous to Broca's area) contains units located predominantly in the dominant frontal operculum that represent discrete articulatory features of speech (as opposed to continuously variable motor programs).
The stimuli are also varied within articulatory placement (e.
Of course, the nature of the articulatory gestures is what allows the sounds to function as either syllable nuclei or syllable peripheries.
An auditory-feedback-based neural network model of speech production that is robust to developmental changes in the size and shape of the articulatory system.
but an over-articulated [k]: the pause is re-interpreted as the time-period when the articulatory organs are closed before the release.
Research objectives and content In the context of a complete understanding of the task of speaking, my main objective is now the study of articulatory dynamics of consonant production particularly the temporal trajectories of articulators such as the tongue.
Other changes include some material on acoustics and the incorporation of articulatory phonology, which can describe speech as a sequence of movements.
A valiant attempt to arrange at least the principal articulatory elements that D has managed to detect from among all these noises on a two-way grid (table 6.
Accordingly, the phonotext - unlike the nonkinetic graphotext - is "that articulatory stream which the interruption of script at lexical borders never quite renders silent, at least within a single syntactic period broken by no full pauses" (Reading Voices 28).
In a framework of Dependency Phonology, the articulatory gestures of the sequence [i:] + [[LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]] can also be classified as maximally different, in terms of unitary features, specified as {i}, {u}, {a}, and {[LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]} (see, e.
Chapter 1 introduces the reader to articulatory phonetics (Section 1.
Svarny; includes the original articulatory diagrams) (1955), "How to Handle the Structure of Tamil" (1962), the "Spoken Language of Tamilnad" (1964), and "Some Features of Ceylon Tamil" (1966).