articulated skeleton

ar·tic·u·lat·ed skel·e·ton

mounted skeleton, one with the various parts connected in such a way as to demonstrate normal relationships and allow motion between components as in the living body.
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That may explain the partially articulated skeleton of an extinct fox (Dusicyon avus) recovered at Loma de los Muertos, a hunter-gatherer site in Patagonia (Rio Negro province, Argentina).
The name of the "middle ware" program is Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST).
To discover this kind of articulated skeleton is not easy.
Auction giants Sotheby's is overseeing the sale in New York of the fully articulated skeleton, as one of many lots from a stunning collection built up over many years by wealthy US financer Michael Steinhardt and his wife Judy.
We have exhumed one fully articulated skeleton and one set of disarticulated human remains.
One of the easier approaches is to download the Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit from the University of Southern California.
His articulated skeleton, which (like that of Truganini in Hobart) remained on display in the Museum until the 1960s, marked his transition from agent of his own people's future to scientific specimen.
Wood, foam and wool:The clangers were made from an articulated skeleton of wood with brass ball joints.
ONLY THE MAN himself can say for certain, but I'm pretty sure that Attorney General John Ashcroft would disapprove of the Realdoll, a life-size $5,999 sex dummy that boasts "a completely articulated skeleton which allows for anatomically correct positioning.
Since such a so-called articulated skeleton, common from the Upper Paleolithic, must have been protected from the elements and scavengers, the body probably received burial at the time of death.
With the exception of an articulated skeleton datable by associated pottery and finds to the Parthian period (fig.
The specimen TCWC 50914 is represented by an articulated skeleton that was formerly on display at a marine park (Sea Arama) in Galveston, Texas.