articular gout

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ar·tic·u·lar gout

the usual form of gout attacking one or more of the joints.

ar·tic·u·lar gout

(ahr-tikyū-lăr gowt)
Usual form of gout attacking one or more joints.


a disorder of uric acid metabolism in which there is hyperuricemia and deposition of urates in and around the joints. Occurs in humans and anthropoid apes. Most animals possess the enzyme uricase that converts uric acid to allantoin. Dalmatian dogs excrete large amounts of uric acid in their urine, but the breed is not affected by gout. A disease called gout occurs in commercial chickens due to feeding of excessive amounts of protein.

articular gout
caused by gross excesses of protein in the diet. A chronic disease manifested by swelling of the joints which contain a thick white fluid consisting largely of uric acid crystals.
visceral gout
birds become weak and listless and die. The viscera are covered with a frosting of urea crystals. There is a primary renal disease and a fatal uremia. The high-protein diet exacerbates that original disease.
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