articular facet

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ar·tic·u·lar fac·et

a relatively small articular surface of a bone, especially a vertebra.

ar·tic·u·lar fac·et

(ahr-tikyū-lăr fasĕt)
Relatively small articular surface of a bone, especially a vertebra.
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The facet line (FL) was defined as the line passing between the anteromedial and posteromedial margin of the bilateral superior articular facet.
Superior articular facet of the study vertebra was measured, using Vernier calliper and any abnormalities present in it were noted down and photographed.
1] The superior articular facet of the atlas is accommodated within this fossa during the movements of the atlantooccipital joint.
In some vespertilionids (such as Eptesicus, Perimyotis, Myotis, Lasionycteris), the ulna has a small or absent olecranon process, is unfused at the semilunar notch but fused slightly more distally along the shaft beneath or just distal to the semilunar notch, and contributes its own separate, small articular facet to the semilunar notch.
Unilateral facet dislocation occurs when flexion combined with rotation forces one inferior articular facet of a vertebra to pass superiorly and anteriorly to the superior facet of the vertebra below (Figure 9).
In contrast, Jeholornis appears to exhibit a dorsolaterally oriented and protrudent humeral articular facet (ZHOU & ZHANG, 2003b) which superficially resembles the condition of derived Ornithurae.
At each level the articular facet of each superior articular process passes deep (or more anterior) to the inferior articular process of the vertebrae immediately above (Moore & Dalley 2006, Rosse & Gaddum-Rosse 1997, Standring 2005) (Figure 2).
the superior articular facet and the anterior tubercle of C1
Two ribs exhibited slight pitting and lipping on the articular facet of the tubercle, while a distal phalanx of the foot had moderate lipping on the superior margin of the proximal articular facet.
Type B1 with fused anterior and middle facets without constriction was the most common pattern of articular facet.
One kind was that the plate was placed at the lateral side of the calcaneus and 7 can- cellous screws were respectively fixated to the plate from different directions among which two were at the body the plate under the posterior articular facet of the calcanues; two were at the back of the plate; one was at the bottom of the plate and other two were in the front of the plate.
Sometimes, the VAS distal portion forms a complete or incomplete bone bridge with the posterior margin of the C1 upper articular facet, thus forming a foramen.

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