articular disk

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a circular or rounded flat plate; often spelled disc in names of anatomic structures.
articular disk a pad of fibrocartilage or dense fibrous tissue present in some synovial joints.
Bowman's disk one of the flat plates making up a striated muscle fiber.
choked disk papilledema.
ciliary disk pars plana.
embryonic disk (germ disk) (germinal disk) a flattened round bilaminar plate of cells in the blastocyst of a mammal, where the first traces of the embryo are seen; called also embryonic or germinal area.
herniated disk see herniated disk.
intervertebral disk the layer of fibrocartilage between the bodies of adjoining vertebrae; see also herniated disk.
intra-articular d's articular disk.
Merkel's d's small cup-shaped tactile receptors in the skin that are particularly sensitive to continuous pressure.
optic disk the intraocular part of the optic nerve formed by fibers converging from the retina and appearing as a pink to white disk in the retina; there are no sensory receptors in the region and hence no response to stimuli. Called also blind spot.
ruptured disk herniated disk.
slipped disk popular term for herniated disk.
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articular disk

The biconcave oval disk of fibrous connective tissue that separates the two joint cavities of the temporomandibular joint on each side.
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One study catalogued a number of combined articular disk injuries and did report the occurrence of the concurrent 1A/1B lesion.
Prior studies on this topic typically focus on results from a single category of articular disk tear.
Dynamic maneuvers (opening and closing the mouth) are a necessary component of the examination to assess the position of the articular disk (which usually dislocates anteriorly).
Type IIA tears involve thinning of the articular disk without frank perforation.
Partial excision of the triangular fibrocartilage complex articular disk: A biomechanical study.
The TFCC is a complex structure that comprises the articular disk, meniscal homologue, the dorsal and palmar radioulnar ligaments, the ulnalunate and ulnatriquetral ligaments, the ulnar capsule, and the sheath of the ECU tendon.

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