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An operation to limit motion in a joint in cases of undue mobility from paralysis, usually by means of a bone block.
Synonym(s): arthroereisis
[arthro- + G. ereisis, a propping up]
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A soft tissue movement-limiting operation in which an implant is placed to restrict joint motion. The goals of arthroerisis in the ankle are to restrict excessive range of motion (ROM) in the subtalar joint, allowing up to 5% ROM, while preserving joint functionality. 

Advances in prosthetic devices, and variable success rates with surgery designed to limit movement, have made arthrodesis and joint replacement the procedures of choice in many cases of articular instability.

Above age 3; flexible foot type; asymptomatic foot pathology.
System formation, silastic breakdown synovitis, device migration, over- or undercorrection, lateral foot and ankle soft tissue strain.
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