arteritis obliterans

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 [ahr″ter-i´tis] (pl. arteri´tides)
inflammation of an artery.
aortic arch arteritis pulseless disease.
brachiocephalic arteritis pulseless disease.
cranial arteritis temporal arteritis.
giant cell arteritis temporal arteritis.
hemolytic arteritis, microangiopathic pulseless disease.
arteritis obli´terans endarteritis obliterans.
rheumatic arteritis generalized inflammation of arterioles and arterial capillaries occurring in rheumatic fever.
Takayasu's arteritis pulseless disease.
temporal arteritis a chronic vascular disease of unknown origin, occurring in the elderly, characterized by severe headache, fever, and accumulation of giant cells in the walls of medium-sized arteries, especially the temporal arteries. Ocular involvement may cause visual impairment or blindness.
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end·ar·te·ri·tis ob·li·te·rans

, obliterating endarteritis
an extreme degree of endarteritis proliferans closing the lumen of the artery.
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end·ar·ter·it·is ob·lit·e·rans

, obliterating endarteritis (end'ahr-tĕr-ī'tis ob-lit'ĕr-anz, ob-lit-ĕr-ā'ting)
An extreme degree of endarteritis proliferans closing the lumen of the artery.
Synonym(s): arteritis obliterans, obliterating arteritis.
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