arteriovenous graft

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ar·te·ri·o·ve·nous graft

(ahr-tēŕē-ō-vēnŭs graft)
A synthetic tube that connects an artery to a vein.
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The majority of vascular access is achieved through the surgical creation of synthetic arteriovenous graft (AVG) or autogenous arteriovenous fistulae (AVF).
Proteon also disclosed its lead product candidate, PRT-201, received orphan drug designation from FDA for prevention of arteriovenous fistula (AVF) maturation failure and arteriovenous graft (AVG) failure in patients with end-stage renal disease who are on or preparing for hemodialysis.
The randomized, double-blinded Phase 3 clinical trial with rhThrombin is being conducted at approximately 35 sites and will evaluate the same four types of surgery examined in Phase 2 studies: spinal, liver resection, peripheral artery bypass and arteriovenous graft construction.
A total of 130 patients undergoing spinal surgery, liver resection, peripheral artery bypass, or arteriovenous graft construction were evaluated.