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All 14 patients had bilateral temporary subclavian vein dialysis catheters and failed upper extremity arteriovenous access. [8] In the present study only 2 cases of subclavian vein stenosis were reported, of which both had previous history of cannulation of subclavian vein.
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How often are patients referred to a vascular access surgeon for arteriovenous access surgery and refused to have the surgery because he or she had not received adequate education and was not fully convinced of the need for the surgery?
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In contrast, the timing for the arteriovenous access surgery is less well defined.
The survey elicited responses regarding the following areas of infection control practice: unit design, utilization of arteriovenous access type, carriage of MRSA, VRE, HBV and HCV, tuberculosis, influenzae and pneumonoccal immunization, infection precautions for patients with selected infections, infection surveillance, antibiotic utilization, antiseptic agents, hemodialysis access management, cleaning and disinfection, water treatment and hemodialysis waste.
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