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Relating to or affected by arteriosclerosis.
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Relating to or affected by arteriosclerosis.
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(ar-ter?e-o-skle-ro'sis) [ arterio- + sclerosis]
A disease of the arterial vessels marked by thickening, hardening, and loss of elasticity in the arterial walls. Three forms of arteriosclerosis are generally recognized: atherosclerosis, arteriolosclerosis, and Mönckeberg's calcification. Atherosclerosis is the single most important cause of disease and death in Western societies. arteriosclerotic (-rot'ik), adjective See: atherosclerosis

arteriosclerosis obliterans

Arteriosclerosis in which the lumen of the artery is completely occluded.
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In conclusion, we can draw the following conclusions: (1) CRM may decrease the tensile mechanical properties of rabbit arteriosclerotic ICA and this effect may lead to rabbits developing adverse complications; (2) CRM has no significant effect on the tensile mechanical properties of the ICA in normal rabbits; (3) for patients with carotid atherosclerosis, for safety reasons, it is best to avoid to do the CRM in these patients.
The Genetic Epidemiology Network of Arteriopathy (GENOA) study is a community-based study investigating the genetics of hypertension and its arteriosclerotic complications in non-Hispanic whites from Rochester, Minnesota, and African Americans from Jackson, Mississippi [22].
The anterior temporal lobe WM and corpus callosum may also be affected, a finding that distinguishes CADASIL from subcortical arteriosclerotic encephalopathy (Figure 24).
The study of oscillatory flow of a viscous fluid in cylindrical tubes has received the attention of many researchers as they play a significant role in understanding the important physiological problem, namely the blood flow in arteriosclerotic blood vessel.
Data suggest that primary care physicians manage 94% of patients with asthma, 92% with hypertension, 91% with stroke, 90% with diabetes, 89% with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and 86% with arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease, he noted.
All the changes associated with high BP that are reported in the literature indicate that the arteriosclerotic process already begins during the early childhood years.
The role of plasma hyperviscosity in subcortical arteriosclerotic encephalopathy (Binswanger's disease).
Reversible cognitive disorders after sunitinib for advanced renal cell cancer in patients with pre-existing arteriosclerotic leukoencephalopathy.
Various terms have been used including vascular or multi-infarct or arteriosclerotic dementia; more recently the term "vascular cognitive impairment" (VCI) has been proposed to encompass all variations of cognitive and behavioral changes associated with cerebrovascular disease (CVD).
"If he was not a composer," Lesser reminds us, "he was nothing." By 1948 Stalin, even at his craziest and most arteriosclerotic, felt no discernible enthusiasm for having Shostakovich killed outright--as veteran conductor Kurt Sanderling noted, "Stalin wanted to use Shostakovich for prestige"--but Shostakovich could not be expected to know that.
Protective effects of clofibrate on isoproterenol-induced myocardial infarction in arteriosclerotic rats.