arteriolar nephrosclerosis

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hardening of the kidney, usually associated with hypertension and disease of the renal arterioles. It is characterized as benign or malignant depending on the severity and rapidity of the hypertension and arteriolar changes.
arteriolar nephrosclerosis that involving chiefly the arterioles, with degeneration of the renal tubules and fibrotic thickening of the glomeruli; it has an insidious onset and is characterized by cylindruria, edema, hypertrophy of the heart, degeneration of the renal tubules, and glomerulonephritis. Types include benign and malignant arteriolar nephrosclerosis.
benign nephrosclerosis (benign arteriolar nephrosclerosis) arteriolar nephrosclerosis usually seen in patients over 60 years old and associated with benign hypertension and hyaline arteriolosclerosis. In younger persons, it may occur in diabetics with a predisposition to arteriolosclerosis and in those who have hypertension resulting from an apparent underlying disease, such as pheochromocytoma.
hypertensive nephrosclerosis the most common kind of arteriolar nephrosclerosis, due to hypertension of the renal arterioles.
malignant nephrosclerosis (malignant arteriolar nephrosclerosis) an uncommon form of arteriolar nephrosclerosis affecting all the vessels of the body, especially the small arteries and arterioles of the kidneys, and frequently associated with malignant hypertension and hyperplastic arteriolosclerosis. Renal changes include arteriolar necrosis with red blood cells and casts in the urine. It may occur in the absence of previous history of hypertension, or may be superimposed on benign hypertension or primary renal disease, especially glomerulonephritis, benign nephrosclerosis, and pyelonephritis.
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ar·te·ri·o·lar neph·ro·scle·ro·sis

renal scarring caused by arteriolar sclerosis resulting from longstanding hypertension; the kidneys are finely granular and mildly or moderately contracted, with hyaline thickening of the walls of afferent glomerular arterioles and hyaline scarring of scattered glomeruli; chronic renal failure develops infrequently.
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arteriolar nephrosclerosis

A destructive form of atherosclerosis involving the renal arteries secondary to severe–malignant (renovascular) hypertension which, if prolonged, leads to renal failure.
Histologic patterns
• Hyaline arteriolosclerosis, in which there is homogeneous pink hyaline thickening of the arteriolar walls, is associated with benign nephrosclerosis.
• Fibrinoid necrosis of arterioles accompanied by an inflammatory infiltrate resulting in necrotising alveolitis and hyperplastic arteriolitis, with onionskin-like layering of fibroblasts, smooth muscle cells, and collagen.
• Hyperplastic arteriolosclerosis, with a concentric thickening with progressive narrowing of the lumina, may be associated with malignant hypertension, nephrosclerosis, and scleroderma.
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arteriolar nephrosclerosis

Arteriolonephrosclerosis Nephrology A destructive form of ASHD involving the renal blood vessels 2º to severe–malignant HTN which, if prolonged, leads to renal failure. See Atherosclerotic heart disease.
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ar·te·ri·o·lar neph·ro·scler·o·sis

(ahr-tēr'ē-ō'lăr nef'rō-skler-ō'sis)
Renal scarring due to arteriolar sclerosis resulting from long-standing hypertension; chronic renal failure develops infrequently.
Synonym(s): arteriolonephrosclerosis.
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