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Of or pertaining to an arteriole or the arterioles collectively.
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Of or pertaining to an arteriole or the arterioles collectively.
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(ar-ter'e-ol?) [ arteriola]
A minute artery, esp. one that, at its distal end, leads into a capillary. See: arteriola
arteriolar (-ter?e-o'lar), adjective
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L-NMMA inhibited the coronary arteriolar dilator response to acetylcholine in all groups, but the magnitude of inhibition was significantly greater in healthy subjects compared with patients with atherosclerosis and patients with risk factors for atherosclerosis.
In addition, the temporal retinal arteriolar diameter was correlated with RNFL defects and RNFL thickness [23].
Lesion Criteria Score No IFTA 0 Tubulointerstitial IFTA < 25% 1 lesions 25% < IFTA < 50% 2 IFTA > 50% 3 Absent 0 Interstitial Relate to IFTA 1 inflammation In areas without IFTA 2 Absent 0 Arteriolar hyalinosis One hyaline arteriole 1 More than one hyaline arteriole 2 No intimal thickening is observed 0 Arteriosclerosis (most Intimal thickening is less than the 1 severely affected thickness of the media artery) Intimal thickening is more than the 2 thickness of the media Note.
[13] from USA have reported significant correlation between the reduction in arteriole to vein ratio, number of focal arteriolar constrictions and severity of preeclampsia.
In Mexico City canines, PM deposition was found in the cardiac arteriolar wall where polymorphonuclear leukocyte (PMNL) margination and microthrombi were also observed (Calderon-Garciduenas et al.
Pregnancy represents a risk factor in the evolution of retinal changes in diabetic patients,[R] besides, HTN affect the eye in different directions during pregnancy; such as visual loss due to severe retinal diseases particularly retinal vascular occlusion on both artery and vein, retinal arteriolar emboli, macroaneurysm, ischemic optic neuropathy and glaucoma, [10-12] and even the offspring microvascular structure-insights from the retinal microcirculation will affected.
However, after haemorrhage, sympathectomy, as well as the usual arteriolar dilatation associated with spinal anaesthesia, results in venodilatation and rapid decompensation as blood shifts from the stressed volume to the unstressed volume in the splanchnic circulation.
If arterial blood fails to appear after irrigation, the arteriolar supply to the CCP is probably permanently damaged, and impotence is likely.
Biopsy shows evidence of a cone-shaped dermal arteriolar infarct.
Renal biopsy showed class II lupus nephritis and thrombotic microangiopathy with glomerular capillary and arteriolar thromboses, consistent with APS (Figures 1 and 2).
CNI nephrotoxicity can manifest as interstitial fibrosis/tubular atrophy (IF/TA) and arteriolar hyalinosis.