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Relating to or utilizing arteriography.


Relating to or using arteriography.


(ar?ter-e-og'ra-fe) [ arterio- + -graphy]
1. A radiographic procedure for obtaining an arteriogram. See: angiography
2. A description of arteries.
arteriographic (-e-o-graf'ik), adjectivearteriographically (i-k(a-)le)
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Hemodynamic, arteriographic and quantitative angiographic observations.
Of 18 retrospectively analyzed SAH patients, thirteen developed arteriographic CVS.
The surgical choice is related to Shamblin classification (20-21), made in 1971 and based up the degree of involvement of the carotid vessels in carotid body tumors, as appear with arteriographic or MRI study.
Similarly, the sweat function test (8) and arteriographic pattern (9) were also practiced for assessing autonomic impairment but proved cumbersome to be used at the field level.
Recent studies have confirmed the effectiveness of arteriographic embolisation or ultrasound-guided thrombin injection3 for temporary and definitive control of bleeding from pseudoaneurysms associated with chronic pancreatitis.
Epidemiology of congenital coronary anomalies: a coronary arteriographic study on a central European population.
The papers cover the epidemiology of arterial disorders related to smoking, diabetes, and hypertension as risk factors; diagnostic testing for claudication and lower extremity arterial disease using noninvasive and arteriographic techniques, and the pathogenesis of arteriosclerosis.
Operative and arteriographic patients had significantly higher liver Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) scores than did observed patients (3.2 and 4 vs.
Other data regarding war and battle trauma include increased rates of arteriographic abnormalities among those exposed to traumatic events during Beirut's civil war, increased rates of physician-diagnosed arterial disease in veterans of World War II and the Korean War, and increases in angina pectoris among Dutch resistance veterans.
In addition, Brott and Toole (1995) recommend that combined arteriographic and surgical mortality and morbidity be estimated not to exceed 3% and prognosis for a healthy life expectancy be at least 5 years.
* Arteriographic and venographic studies, at the discretion of the performing radiologist.
Arteriographic narrowing/occlusion of entire abdominal aorta, its primary branches or large arteries of both UL and LL.