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Relating to or utilizing arteriography.


Relating to or using arteriography.


(ar?ter-e-og'ra-fe) [ arterio- + -graphy]
1. A radiographic procedure for obtaining an arteriogram. See: angiography
2. A description of arteries.
arteriographic (-e-o-graf'ik), adjectivearteriographically (i-k(a-)le)
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Typical arteriographic features of involvement of the distal vessels of the upper and lower extremities are supportive of the diagnosis.
The papers cover the epidemiology of arterial disorders related to smoking, diabetes, and hypertension as risk factors; diagnostic testing for claudication and lower extremity arterial disease using noninvasive and arteriographic techniques, and the pathogenesis of arteriosclerosis.
Operative and arteriographic patients had significantly higher liver Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) scores than did observed patients (3.
Other data regarding war and battle trauma include increased rates of arteriographic abnormalities among those exposed to traumatic events during Beirut's civil war, increased rates of physician-diagnosed arterial disease in veterans of World War II and the Korean War, and increases in angina pectoris among Dutch resistance veterans.
Arteriographic and venographic studies, at the discretion of the performing radiologist.
In that study, no association was found between KIF6 and arteriographic evidence for a >50% coronary artery narrowing, which is a different clinical phenotype than the clinical events of CHD examined in the previous KIF6 studies referenced above.