arterialized flap

ar·te·ri·al·ized flap

a flap with an identifiable nutrient artery and draining veins. Compare: random pattern flap.
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The nasolabial flap is a local arterialized flap with an axial blood supply provided either by the facial artery (inferiorly based flap), or by the superficial temporal artery through its transverse facial branch, and the infraorbital artery (superiorly based flap).3,4,5 Superiorly based nasolabial flaps can be used for reconstruction of nasal, lower eyelid, and cheek defects; whereas inferiorly based flaps are considered appropriate in reconstruction of defects of the lip, oral commissure and anterior oral cavity.8 It is a reliable, versatile, and easy to raise flap for a variety of small to medium sized defects in the orofacial region.
Single-stage reconstruction of soft-tissue defects including the Achilles tendon using the dorsalis pedis arterialized flap along with the extensor digitorum brevis as bridge graft.