arterial wave

ar·te·ri·al wave

a wave in the jugular phlebogram caused by transmission of carotid artery pulsation.
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The blood is transmitted through the arterial wave and ultimately reflected in the amplitude of the systolic peak [15].
A typical arterial wave was obtained from the monitor.
We determined the arterial injection with discoloration, edema in the hand, and arterial wave forming in the monitor.
Among the cases reported in literature, Wylam and Schmidt [6] were the only to describe pulsating arterial wave form.
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It has been hypothesised that the increase in PEEP and the subsequent increase in intrathoracic pressure and reduced cardiac output may cause a dampening of the arterial pulse wave, such that the sensor has difficulty determining an arterial wave from a venous wave.
It is possible that the high intrathoracic pressure caused by high PEEP results in reduced cardiac output and dampened arterial waves which make it difficult to accurately absorb light.
Increased arterial wave reflection, another measure of arterial stiffness, also proves to be highly associated with severe short-term CVD events in 262 patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention during 2-year followup [122].
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