arterial hemorrhage

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arterial hemorrhage

A hemorrhage from an artery. In arterial bleeding, which is bright red, the blood ordinarily flows in waves or spurts; however, the flow may be steady if the torn artery is deep or buried.

First Aid

Almost all arterial bleeding can be controlled with direct pressure to the wound. If it cannot be controlled with applied pressure, the responsible artery may need to be surgically ligated. See: arterial bleeding for table; pressure point

See also: hemorrhage
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Some have recurrent episodic bleeding, persistent venous bleeding, or frank arterial hemorrhage. Because it is difficult to predict which patients will experience bleeding that is significant enough to require operative control, the author's institution has consistently followed a policy of admitting and observing all patients who experience post-tonsillectomy hemorrhage.
CG was the most effective dressing tested in our arterial hemorrhage model and resulted in 80% survival of the animals.