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Comparisons of values of arterial blood pressure, ocular perfusion pressure, intraocular pressure and plasma lipid profile in glaucoma patients (POAG, n=56) and controls (CG, n=54) Parameter POAG CG Mean SD Mean SD p-value ABPs (mmHg) 130.
9% saline) in both control and minoxidil treated normotensive rats, mean arterial blood pressure was not significantly changed.
During normal pregnancy, plasma volume expands as a result of arteriolar vasodilatation, and arterial blood pressure falls (Duvekot et al.
The impediments to the effective use of spinal anesthesia are the predictable decreases in arterial blood pressure and heart rate through the accompanying sympathectomy with its attendant vasodilatation and blockade of cardio accelerator fibres.
Systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and mean arterial blood pressure at the end of study (48 hours after the last exercise session) were 137.
Assess and analyse the psycho-physiological changes that occur in air traffic controllers (systolic and diastolic arterial blood pressure and heart rate) during the working day.
The most frequently monitored parameters include arterial blood pressure, central venous pressure (CVP), heart rate, oxygen saturation and urine output.
In a German study of 60 patients with moderate to severe OSA, those given "therapeutic" levels of CPAP for an average of 9 weeks had a 95% reduction in apneas and hypopneas and a decrease in mean arterial blood pressure of 9.
Measurements of arterial blood pressure were performed in a quiet room after five minutes of resting in a sitting position.
However, with invasive arterial blood pressure (BP) monitoring, it is easily observed in the intensive care unit.