arterial bleeding

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arterial bleeding

ar·te·ri·al bleed·ing

(ahr-terē-ăl blēding)
Loss of blood from a vessel that is carrying oxygenated blood away from the heart.

arterial bleeding

Bleeding in spurts of bright red blood from an artery.

Emergency Care

Arterial bleeding may be controlled by applying pressure with the fingers at the nearest pressure point between it and the heart. The artery is located and digital pressure is applied above it until bleeding stops or until the artery is ligated or repaired. When a pressure point is ineffective in controlling arterial bleeding on an extremity, a tourniquet may be needed. See: table

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The present study aimed to determine if ABS could be successfully used to control major arterial bleeding from the femoral artery and abdominal aorta, particularly in the presence of elevated systemic arterial blood pressure.
The efficacy of this dressing was reexamined against arterial bleeding in more relevant swine models.
PC Slaney recognised it as arterial bleeding and placed his bare hand over the wound to staunch the blood flow.
A post mortem will reveal the exact cause of death but I would say from experience that he died from blood loss due to arterial bleeding.
Catheter Advancement: needle and guide wire withdrawn after arterial bleeding noted from outer end of the catheter.
If you had the pleasure of obtaining femoral arterial blood gas samples back in your medical student days, you may recall that firm direct pressure for several minutes will generally stop even arterial bleeding.
A Fairfield NJ township police officer, mandated to carry QuikClot[R] Combat Gauze[R] at all times after it saved the life of a township police officer, used the life-saving gauze to stop the severe arterial bleeding of an 82 year-old dialysis patient, based on a recent article in The Progress Newspaper.
HemCon's proprietary chitosan technology provides a cost-effective hemostatic solution to treat low to heavy arterial bleeding, while also providing antibacterial properties.
Sudden acute blood loss, such as that which occurs with severe trauma or arterial bleeding, is totally different.
Pseudoaneurysms result from arterial bleeding into the wall of an injured vessel.
71) Evidence indicates that circumferential pneumatic compression of limbs at 20 to 30 mm Hg may control arterial bleeding and yet not interrupt limb perfusion.
A post mortem was being held and the likely cause of death is arterial bleeding.