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Arsenic (adj.).
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"However," writes Kev, "there are some rare botanical words: archeilous, anemious and caesious, as well as the chemical term arsenious. Thanks to Mr Neil Willis of Klondyke, Cramlington, who also came up with facetious.
Facetious, abstemious and arsenious contain all the vowels in the correct order.
After we added 60 [micro],L of arsenious acid and incubated the mixture at room temperature for 10 min, we monitored the absorbance at 405 nm ([A.sub.405nm])in the absence of eerie ammonium sulfate.
Bromate mass fraction has been determined by titration with arsenious oxide in acid solution using an amperometric end point (7).
Yellow arsenic sulfide is known as the mineral orpiment (hartal in Hindu), while realgar is the red arsenious sulfide, though the former is considered the true arsenicum in the arsenal of the ancient poisoner's trade.
Izumi Nakai, professor of analytical chemistry at the Science University of Tokyo, conducted a test with an advanced instrument called the Spring Eight, which he said showed that arsenious acid found in the defendant's house is the same as the poison in the curry.
Masumi is accused of putting arsenious acid, one of the most toxic types of arsenic, into curry that was served at the July 25 festival in the Sonobe district of Wakayama, western Japan.
Showers of plain water eliminated most of the soluble gases, including the arsenious acid gas, but it left untouched Vivian's 'great enemy' - the sulphurous acid gas.
This is produced as arsenic trioxide, a by-product of the treatment of arsenious gold ores.
Four arsenic standards were purchased, including sodium arsenate (AsV; Pfaltz & Bauer Inc., Waterbury, CT), arsenious oxide (AsIII; 99.999% purity; GFS Chemical Inc., Powell, OH), MMA (97% purity; Chem Service, West Chester, PA), and cacodylic acid (DMA; 99% purity; Pfaltz & Bauer, Inc.).