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A compound of arsenic with a metal or other positively charged atoms or groups in which the arsenic is not bound to any atoms of oxygen.
Synonym(s): arseniuret
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Vein 59 has yielded gray-green, thick-tabular crystals of annabergite, some with a yellowish patina, in fan-shaped and spherical groups in a quartz-rich rock with metallic gray nickel arsenides.
The fresh ore consists predominantly of white calcite and gray arsenides, clearly lollingite or safflorite, shot through with pinkish metallic, cleavable grains of native bismuth.
The PGE mineralization is very fine-grained (less than 20 microns) and comprised of tellurides, telluro-bismuthides, stannides, stibnides and arsenides.
The principal primary cobalt arsenide mineral present in the silver mine dump is clinosafflorite.
The significant presence of lead sulfoantimonides and arsenides (in particular guettardite, robinsonite, zinkenite and boulangerite) in the Seravezza marble is in contrast to their virtual non-existence in the Carrara marble.
Additionally, arsenic (As) in the form of gallium arsenide in light emitting diodes, mobile phones, and solar panels may increase significantly in the e-waste stream.
Although most five-element deposits display similar geological characteristics such as Co-Ni-Fe arsenide and sulfarsenide minerals occurring with native silver and bismuth in a gangue of carbonate ([+ or -] silicates), the individual deposits may also display distinct differences, such as host lithology, age, tectonic setting and igneous affinity.
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