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A compound of arsenic with a metal or other positively charged atoms or groups in which the arsenic is not bound to any atoms of oxygen.
Synonym(s): arseniuret
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Mr Roberson said he expects that chips created with this technology will initially replace more-expensive gallium arsenide chips.
What's more, they've made wafers with 300-millimeter diameters--twice that of the largest wafers of gallium arsenide alone.
In their gallium arsenide crystals, Heiblum says, the electrons travel a very long distance--120 micrometers--before scattering.
Silver atoms tend to form islands when deposited onto gallium arsenide at room temperature.
Eaves and his colleagues obtained their results using a tunnel diode, in which electrons leak into a so-called quantum well consisting of a thin layer of gallium arsenide sandwiched between walls of aluminum gallium arsenide.
Devices made from gallium arsenide and related semiconductors emit light and operate significantly faster than their silicon counterparts.
Known as a zone laser, this experimental device consists of several layers -- each 70 angstroms thick -- of indium gallium arsenide, gallium arsenide, and aluminum gallium arsenide.