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Abnormal heart rhythm.
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arrythmia (·rithˑ·mē·),

n an irregularity in heart rate.
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In its program to treat life-threatening cardiac arrythmia, Nortran has developed several drug candidates suitable for clinical testing as treatments for atrial arrhythmia.
Arrythmia Research Technology is growing by acquisition and diversification, and needed an enterprise application that would not only help them comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and FDA regulations for medical device manufacturers, but accommodate mixed manufacturing modes, including repetitive, make-to-stock and engineer-to-order.
In addition, Prescott provides a history and overview of the company, its newly appointed management team, its revolutionary technology platforms and disposable catheters in the treatment of cardiac arrythmia disorders as well as insight into the evolving Electrophysiology sector, Cardiac Pathway's primary market and user base.
We are excited to be able to offer the most advanced cardiac monitor into the field of ambulatory arrythmia care, said Martine Rothblatt, Ph.
while calcium channel antagonists and ACE inhibitors also lead market growth and beta blockers and anti- arrythmia drugs lag, forecasts the report, WORLD CARDIOVASCULAR DRUG MARKETS: PRIMARY PREVENTION CREATES OPPORTUNITIES.
If fainting is caused by an arrythmia, it can often be successfully treated with such options as medication or pacemakers.
Committee members include Arrythmia Alliance Argentina (Argentina), Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology (Singapore), Associacao Bate, Bate Coracao (Portugal), and Fundacja Udaru Mozgu (Poland).
Could this taser have triggered some form of arrythmia," he said.
He said, Philips top-of-the-line cath lab and mobile C-arm will allow our doctors to perform complex medical procedures such as treating heart disease, complex percutaneous coronary intervention, pacemaker insertion for patients with arrythmia or irregular heartbeat with relative ease.
When then-UO President Frohnmayer collapsed with heart arrythmia in Maryland, Jones sent his private jet to bring Frohnmayer home.
It was an arrythmia attack and I spent four days in hospital.