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The rhizome of Maranta arundinacea, a plant of tropic America, which is the source of a form of starch formerly used as a dietary supplement.
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Sorghum and millet are good for blood sugar management while a mix of cassava, arrowroot, sweet potatoes, omena, lemon grass and chia seeds help manage high blood pressure.
"I weed twice especially when the crop is still young since once it grows, it covers the weeds with its leaves, killing them, which is one of the best things with arrowroots." The arrowroots take six months to mature, says Marwa, adding he grows the Dasheen variety, which is characterised by large whitish tubers and wide leaves.
"The cost of production is low as the crop requires little fertiliser and is rarely affected by diseases and pests save for the tendency to rot due to excessive watering." Booker Oloo, an agricultural extension officer in Kuria East, says arrowroots do well in the region due to moist soils.
At the processor, the bananas are washed and chopped into small pieces, dried for two to three days and then milled into flour under the brand Pamat.Her products include pure banana, cassava and sweet potato flour and a blend of all the three plus arrowroot and amaranth.
Crushed maize stalks are then put into the hole and the seedling planted, and covered with a small layer of compost and soil."As the plant continues to grow, a little layer of soil and manure is added until the plant has fully grown outside the hole, upon which the hole is also fully covered and the arrowroot allowed to mature normally.
Generally, arrowroots are ready for harvest after six months.
And at the close of the hill is a flood plain where she plants arrowroots, kales and other vegetables.
I WISH TO GROW DASHEEN ARROWROOTI am interested in farming the Dasheen arrowroot variety.