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congenital absence of the nose. Spelled also arrhinia.


Congenital absence of the nose.
Synonym(s): arhinia
[G. a- priv. + rhis (rhin-), nose]


Congenital absence of the nose.


, arhinia (ā-rī'nē-ă)
Congenitalabsence of the nose.
[G. a- priv. + rhis (rhin-), nose]
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Facial malformations are due to abnormal development of the premaxillary segments of the face and result in arrhinia and midline facial clefts.
A diverse group of conditions is observed in the developmental anomalies of the nose, these include nasal dermoid, gliomas, encephalocoele, nasal clefts, proboscis lateralis, arrhinia, polyrrhinia, nasopharyngeal teratoma and epignathus.2 Encephaloceles and glial heterotropias (commonly called nasal gliomas) are related malformational tumour-like conditions usually affecting newborn and older infants.3 Prior to biopsy or resection, a congenital subcutaneous or submucosal mass in any of these locations must be carefully evaluated for the evidence of extension into the cranial cavity.